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Priscilla Holliday

Organizational Behavior

Assignment 1

1. Identify a specific behavior of yours must be identifiable.

I have specific behavior that can be good and bad. I am basically a workaholic. I am a very high achiever in my field, I have even been called a work horse.

2. Use the internal perspective to explain why you exhibit the behavior.

The reason I exhibit the behavior is that this value has been given to me by the women in my family. They all worked and made a very good career out of their work. I feel that if I don’t give a hundred percent then I have let myself down.

3. Use the external perspective to explain why you exhibit the behavior.

Much like the book Org Behavior 3, I do get paid very well, but it is more than just getting the paycheck. There are great benefits, this includes exceptional insurance and pension. Most of the corporate world no longer offer pensions. Then my pension is based on the last three years of my working career. So let’s say I have 25 years left to work, if I don’t give every year my all, then I am leaving money on the table. Even if each year I add $500.00 extra of pay this can equate to almost an extra six figures in the end. Then I am sure that most people in the corporate world know that someone else is dying to have your job. So sometimes the fear of can make you very competitive. Everyone is replaceable.

4. Conclude with how internal and external behavior factors affect your