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The Organizational Behavior Paper
This is an article about how to manage the employees in traditional manufacturing company. I describe my real experience about the company what I have worked in China and a case about another company. Combine with what we learned this semester about organizational culture, power, authority, influence, and politics, I have some ideas about the solution for the great difficulties which firms faced with. But I think my understanding about the firms’ difficulties is still imperfection. Also, because I stay in U.S. within one year, so I am not be familiar with the similar type companies in U.S. I think if I can get some information about the companies in U.S. It will be helpful. So I ask some questions at the end of the article, if Professor Beer know some information about my questions, I hope I can receive your answer. Thank you.

Main Body
There is a common situation in most small size company in most developing counties. Maybe it still exist in some developed counties. As we have learned some theories about organizational culture, power, authority, influence, and politics. I think this is all about how to manage the employees. In fact, it is much harder to control the employee s in real world. Whether the managers can control the employees depends on many facts.
In recent years, there is a phenomenon in our world. The high-tech companies develop very fast, such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and so on. While the traditional firms, especially the companies’ products are made by handcraft with old skills, this type of companies develop slowly for the past few years, even the biggest furniture made and sale company, IKEA, also develop slowly in China.
My father own a middle and small-sized enterprises which produce and sell furniture for civil use and commercial use. The company situation can represent most middle and small-sized enterprises in China. I consult the financial statements for the past several years. I found that the amount of sales of this company almost no increase this years. Even in 2011, the amount of sales decreased than 2010. My father and I both worry about this company. After I got the bachelor degree, I think I need to participate in the company, and then I can get the real condition about the firm. In the one year I worked in the company, I found the some problems about the company, also, I often discus with my father. There are three main problems about company. One is that the management power and the policies made by company couldn’t control the employees, another is that there is no specific organizational culture. The last one is about job design, employees don’t have a chance of promotion, for example, if you are a production workers. You will always do the production work.
For the first problem, we should know a fact that more and more young people prefer to receive the high level education in the world. More and more people can enter into university to learn advanced knowledge, such as computer, electronics, biological, business and so on. But we cannot find a high level university supply a major which teach student how to produce a furniture. In other word, teach student the carpenter skills. So the less young people want to be the carpenter led to the less employee for the furniture produce company. And the scarcity of staff result in the management difficulties. For most companies which products are made by handcraft with old skills, the scarcity of staff bring about the management difficulties. Then it is easy to know why the high-tech companies develop so fast this years. There are enough young people with high education become their staffs. For the employees themselves, they know that they must work hard and try their best, or they will be instead by others. Also, basic on the enough of staffs, the company can make complete policies to manage their staffs. And the employee must observe the rules and policies. Because if the employees go