The Importance Of Organizational Culture

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November 12, 2013 We chose the restaurant Old Chicago’s in Grand Junction, Co.The organizational culture at Old Chicago’s comes from a variety of sources; Craft Works corporation, top level management, and the actual employees. It is a shared belief that customer satisfaction is the main goal, this stems down from the Crafts Work corporation. It is the job of the employees to make the customer’s visit a good one. The organization gets the foundation of it’s culture from Craft Works, which is the corporation that Old Chicago’s was founded by. It emphasizes hard-work, hand-made food, and treating everyone who walks in the door like a family member. It is evident that every employee there attempts to reach their customers on a personal level to make sure they receive the ultimate experience. The top level management also influences the organization’s culture because their actions influence the workers immensely. You can see a manager dressed up in their nice shirt and tie, making a pizza because it is very busy and that creates a family atmosphere in the workplace. If someone has an understanding that when they are swamped with work, their boss will come in and help them, then it will create more job satisfaction for employees. The general manager is a very organized and task-significant woman and it is her personal goal to make sure each and every employee understands their role and