Organs: Nutrition and Balanced Diet Essay

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How to Keep Fit Nothing is more valuable than health. It is the foundation of one’s future success. A healthy person can always be energetic and enjoy his life and achieve what he hopes for in his career. On contrary, poor in health, a person can not achieve much though he is well-educated. Then, what should we do to maintain and enhance our health? Here are some guidelines for you to be fit: Firstly, keep a balanced diet. Now, let’s look at this picture which shows us how a balanced diet is made up-----a pyramid. The lowest floor shows us the main food we need at least 300g everyday. Like, bread, rice, noodle etc. The second floor contains vegetables and fruits which are full of vitamin C and vitamin E and other nutrition good for our health. We should eat it more than 400g in our diet. The third floor has meat, fish and egg that we often eat in our daily meal. But we should be cautious about these foods and eat less than 100g. The fourth floor which is soy-based food and dairy products which is easy to get us fat for its high caloric. 70 g is enough. The top floor shows oil and salty products we should eat only 30g or 50g at most. If each meal we eat following this balanced diet, eating healthy, I believe we must be healthy and have a nice figure. Secondly, give up bad habits. As we know, drinking too much is harm to our stomach; smoking is bad to our lung. It also reported that every year more than 110 thousand people was poisoned then killed by alcohol in China and more than 3.5 million people in the world are killed by diseases because of smoking. So drinking and smoking properly is good for our body and health. As a teenager, we often stay up to prepare our next day examination or play computer games that cost and kill ourselves. We should