Ottoman And Byzantine Empires Essay

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Byzantine and Ottoman Relations The relationships between the Ottomans and the Byzantines have enormously distinctive factors that divided their relations from the beginning, with their endless conflicts in war they also had different method to rule in politics, religion, and economy. The conflict between the two empires first arose when the Ottomans conquered land states in North Africa during the 7th century, which threatened Constantinople from capture. Ever since the 7th century, these empires have had conflict with a plethora of each other’s ideas and threatened each other’s way of life. Though theses two empires have prominent differences the one common ground that they do share is iconoclasm; the objection in idol worship. The Byzantine …show more content…
They had equally resented one another in numerous wars raged one of the wars in question was during the 11th century when the Seljuk threatened Byzantium, and it was through the Crusades when the Byzantine Empire reclaimed some of its lost territory, this conflict finally ended when the Turks seized Constantinople in 1423, which completely eliminated the Byzantine empire. One important factor that they do share is iconoclasm, which is the objection to worship a holy figure or to create an un-descriptive holy figure. The practice of iconoclasm is always practiced in Islam, such as the images of holy figures are never seen, but instead are felt, though spirituality. Iconoclasm was use by Emperor Leo III in the 8th century when he had abolished every religious artifacts embracing or symbolizing Christianity. The abolition of Christian icons being worshipped was influenced by Islamic practice, which oppressed most Christians in that population with all the most beautiful arts of the Byzantine Empire completely erased from history. This was the sole similarity that the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire had shared, through immense warfare battles and disagreements the one comparison they both shared is