Outline the Primary Skills Used in Counselling Relationships Essay

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Outline The Primary Skills Used In Counselling Relationships

When planning this essay I assumed that I would just produce a narrative of the primary skills and how they can enhance any counselling relationship but after some thought I felt that for the sake of congruence, ‘a core condition’, along side that narrative I would relate it to my own learning experience. I came to the CPPD thinking that if I wanted to be a therapist, then trying to find a solution to my client’s problems was my only goal. I gave little thought of how I would achieve this and even less thought or credence to the relationship I would have with the client and what power that relationship holds. I have since discovered that we should try and treat the
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If I am anything but that, I am in danger of creating a false state or barrier between my client and I, which would be damaging and difficult to maintain. If the subject matter is for example, upsetting to me, I must acknowledge that and in some way let my client know that I have been affected by what they are saying. It could be either verbal or physical, a large or small gesture but it indicates that I am involved and engaged in the session. It is when I refrain from putting up any kind of professional front I can enhance the possibility of progress.

Unconditional Positive Regard

Rogers describes this core condition as “a warm acceptance of and prizing of the other person as a separate individual.” It can also be referred to as the therapist showing respect for whatever the client believes in or stands for. I know that as a therapist I will have to lay aside any pre-judgment or prejudice that my client elicits from me and see past my feelings to view him with genuine acceptance. I can’t be swayed by any differences I have with him to do with culture or a belief system. I must put aside any moral or ethical beliefs I have that may affect our interaction and see him positively and wholly on his terms. When I can do this my physical and verbal responses and reactions will encourage openness between us because no negative barriers will have been put in place.

In describing what the three core values are