The Importance Of Literacy In Every Day Life

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Literacy is important, rather young or old. It helps in every day life. We use literacy when we read a book, watch a movie, or even read the local news paper. I like literacy because it helps me learn, things i would not have ever learned before taking this class. I want a bright future for my children, and myself so therefor i will succeed in writing.

Literacy is very important. Take a look at Benjamin Franklin for instance. He did not have support from his father, who was strongly against literature. Ben Franklin had to teach himself how to read, and write. So therefore he was very ambitious, wanting to succeed and be successfull. Abraham Lincoln self educated himself his whole life. He taught himself grammer when he was just 23 years of age. He also taught himself how to be a servayer, eventually he studied law, then became our president. Abraham Lincoln even went to the library of congress and obtained books on military science, then later was able to communicate with the military generals.

Another person I would mention about literacy and being good at what she does is Agatha
Christie. She was a very ambitious person who strived in writing to improve her literacy.
Agatha Christie sufford from dyslexia and that did not stop her from being a successful woman, who inspired millions of people including novel writers. Agatha Christie eventually sold over 4 million copies of the books she wrote. Being successfull before she passed away.

Also important is