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English 101 Project #1: Expertise Paper
Due: September 15th, 11:59 PM EST Page Requirements: 3-4 double-spaced pages Times New Roman 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins For your first project in this course, you will craft an informational paper on a subject about which you are an expert (or that you know a good deal about). You are free to select nearly any topic you wish (exceptions are listed below), but always keep your writing goals and audience in mind: You are writing for an audience that likely has little knowledge about the subject you select, so don’t depend heavily on jargon. Focus on creating well-structured and well-developed paragraphs, illustrating your points with examples, small stories, etc. Remember, you should choose a topic that you know a lot about (or at least know more than an average person). Consider your interests, your hobbies, you job, your career ambitions, etc. If you can’t identify a topic, you may wish to write about something you studied in another class. Ultimately, there should be no need to conduct research for this assignment or to include quotes from other sources. Everything in this paper should be your original writing (don’t add any quotes or direct paraphrasing from other sources). Students in past classes have written about the following with success: a specific video game or computer program, cooking Italian food, modern tattooing techniques, vegetable gardening, landscape painting, hunting how-to, the history of a specific sports team, etc. Your paper will be graded on the following:        A logical, integrated and purposeful structure/organization Well developed paragraphs, utilizing discussed