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Jenny Nguyen
Professor Williamson
Child 10
5 December 2012
My Going Home Ceremony * If I was told that I was diagnosed with a stomach cancer that spread throughout my whole body and that I only had six more months to live, there are many things I would do. I would try to experience everything that I have ever wanted to experience. I would travel to certain countries in Europe and Australia. I would basically do as many things on my bucket list as I could. Most importantly, I would also love to keep on living my regular life. When I wake up everyday, I’d have my cup of tea like always and cook and clean to start my day. I’d still run my errands. I would basically do anything that was a part of my everyday life but I would try my best to live it without the stress. I’d spend as much time with the people I love as I possibly could. I would tell all of them how much they mean to me and how big of an impact they made on my life. I would use a certain amount of the money I had left and leave the rest of it for my family. If I had a family of my own at the point, I would take as many pictures as possible and write letters for them to read in the future. * When I die, I would like to have a traditional funeral service with an open casket for those who want to see it in the beginning but closed after the first hour or so. I would want to be cremated after and I would want the people I love to spread them in a place that I really enjoy. After my traditional funeral service, I would have a memorial service at one of my relative’s house but I wouldn’t want them to mourn. I would want people to celebrate the life that I lived and hoped that they’d think I was in a better place when I passed. I would want this type of service because although death is a sad thing, life itself is something that should be celebrated. Even if I died at the age I am right now, I had the chance to experience 20 happy years on this earth with amazing people in my life. * I would want people to share happy memories