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What Type of Parents Do You Have?
Have you ever wondered how you would have turned out if maybe your parents parenting styles were different? Well each type of parent will ultimately determine the fate of your life. The outcome could be pleasant or disastrous. When you think about your parents they usually fall into one of the three categories: a strict parent, a cool parent, or parents that don’t care.
The first type of parents are the strict parents. They are the type that rarely give you freedom and will keep you in line with whatever rules they have established. Having strict parents is like being on probation. For instance when you want to talk on the phone with your friends your parents are right there monitoring the phone call or have you on a time limit. You can’t even use the computer unless school related or all content is blocked. They may even require you to have nothing but straight A’s in school. If you were to break any of their rules some consequences might be (depending if you’re a boy or girl) no make-up , nail polish, hair supplies or products, video games, TV, music, or phone and you are to stay in your room. Those consequences could last one week to a month. Anyhow a good thing that comes from strict parents is that you will more than likely grow up and try to be the best at whatever you do, or you might grow up to be rebellious and get into trouble with your parents or even the law. From experience, my parents were strict. They expected the highest from me, from good grades which was A’s, to excellent behavior and completing all my chores. They would never let me hang out with friends or go to any school ceremonies. I felt like they expected too much from me and I was starting to feel pressured and angry. When I started high school I started being rebellious and not attending school and hanging out with the wrong crowd and getting into trouble. Soon enough I left home and started living on my own. Now that I am older I know why they were so hard on me, they just wanted what was best for me.
Besides having strict parents, the second type of parents are the “cool” parents. They are the ones that are strict but not to strict. They care about your grades and how you behave but also give you that freedom you deserve. They will do whatever it takes to be as close to you and your friends as possible. They are the parents that don’t hesitate to give up money, lets you go out whenever, but to be back at a decent time, and basically tries to be as young as you are. These kind of parents probably listen to today’s music, knows today’s slang, and could fit in with your friends. The bad thing about having this type of parent is that you might become spoiled and grow up to expect everything to be handed to you. The good thing is that you will feel comfortable telling them what’s going on in your life. Growing up I admired my friend’s parents because they were the cool type of parents. My friend could talk to her parents about anything whether it was school, boys or personal things. They would let her friends come over and spend the night or they allowed her to go to her friends’ houses. They even allowed her to have a cell phone. They also had their guidelines