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In our efforts to improve our parenting skills, we had to avoid using spanking as a way of teaching our children right from wrong. Therefore, we had to incorporate other means of training to develop our childrearing abilities to help our son and daughter acquire understanding on how to behave. Let me begin by explaining the steps my wife and I developed and tested involving the form of discipline we administered to our children when they were younger. Our situation dictated that we enforce a method of chastisement other than the use of corporal punishment. You see we adopted our son and daughter when they were five years old. However, between the ages of two and five we had to abide by the rules of the state for foster care parents. Therefore, we had to become very creative in disciplining our children using other forms of punishment than spanking. My wife and I attended the required classes and had to follow the rules of the agency. The rules of the program stated that under no circumstances were we to use any form of physical chastisement. Hence, we had to come up with an idea to correct them without physically touching them. It proved quite a challenge, so when the idea came to me it seemed a practical way to follow the rules. When the kids were acting up, I began having them place their hands on the top of their head while closing their eyes. They hated it and this proved very effective. It worked in and out of the home. If we were at a restaurant, it was very easy to enforce without making a scene.
Eventually it developed into a habit and it has remained a successful form of discipline to this day. Furthermore, this style