Part Time Indian Essay

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High school can be difficult in ''the absolute true diary of a part time Indian'' by Sherman Alexie, Arnold is an Indian who switches schools. Arnold gets bullied and has a best friend named rowdy. Arnold loses his best friend rowdy after he switches schools. By Looking at how life can be tough, how losing a best-friend isn't fun, and how having a best friend is great, one can see how Arnold and I are similar and also different.

life can be tough for both me and Arnold life is tough because i never really had A ride to school so if i missed the bus I missed School, Arnold he didn’t have a bus, he didn’t have that much Gas money to get to school. “ after my 15th or 20th missed day of school”, for Arnold life is tough because his parents are drunks, he gets beat up, And his sister, Kinda like Uncle , Grandma Dies, he transfers to an all white school . Arnold is poor. ''it sucks to feel like you deserve to be poor.''

Being Poor is how Arnold and I are different, I usually have enough money to get around I’m not considered as poor but , however Arnold Is poor He was born in to being poor but he transferred to Rearden a white kid school and he tries to find hope. “how do u find hope against hope.''

having a best-friend is fun, Arnold and rowdy have been best friends for Very long time rowdy was always there for Arnold when rowdy was around nobody messed with Arnold and that's how Arnold liked it. ''come on i’ll protect you!'' Said Rowdy