Essay on Pearl Harbor And 9 11

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Morgan Gilbert
Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are two days that American history will always remember.
These two days, remind American society how every United States citizen needs to love and protect this country. Though these two tragic days are many years apart, the parallels between the two days show how the United States goes into war, increases patriotism in America, and creates stricter laws of racial intent.
December 7, 1941 the Japanese dropped a surprise attack on the Pearl Harbor naval base outside of Oahu, Hawaii, which led to the United States involvement in
World War II. American patriotism increased dramatically and caused the majority of
American public who did not want to enter the war, to now fight tooth and nail to win this war against Japan. Pearl Harbor caused many problems such as the idea that
America’s national security had been broken and how the country as a whole needed to work on creating a more protected barrier to help insure the American people that the
United States could keep them safe. This also leads to the imprisonment of many
Japanese Americans due to the paranoia of Pearl Harbor. These camps were called
Internment camps and many Japanese Americans had to pack up the majority of their belongings and be escorted to camps on the west coast. This caused much racial discrimination against Japanese and many Americans made the anti­Japanese campaign very public because of the panoria that Pearl Harbor had caused.
60 years later on September 11, 2001 19 militant under the influence and guidance of the group Al­Qaeda. The 19 militants hijacked four airliners to attack major building of the United States. On this day the World Trade Center in New York City and

the Pentagon in Washington D.C. were hit with the hijacked/ suicide planes. Many people were injured and killed on this day and is