Pedestrian Transportation System

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Design for pedestrian transportation system at Gandhi Chawk, Junagadh
A Project Report
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1.1 Introduction:

India is second biggest populated nation of the world. So Indian face extensive activity issues. Also, the most movement issues make at crossing point. Today's life is quick, so odds of wounds because of mishap are high.

A walker is a man
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1.4 Need of the pedestrian transportation system
Walking is a basic human activity and an integral part of day to day life yet it needs To have safe and comfortable pedestrian circulation it is necessary to go for development of pedestrian facilities like,
• Provide foot over bridge and footpaths to increase passenger capacity and safety.
• Safe facilities for walking and crossing the road should be provided that will be used maximum by all
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• The pedestrian flow is of mixed type including the very young and old person of either sex and with all types of purpose of trip i.e., education, shopping, office, and recreation.
The following components are connected to public space are shown in fig. Fig. 1.4 Needs of Pedestrian in Public Space
1.5 Scope of the project:
The Scope of the project is listed below:
i) This typical case selected in the project would be useful while considering cases for road sites. ii) This project will be helpful for the persons who are associated with this type of work, to improve transportation facility and make safely movement for pedestrian. iii) This will be beneficial for the people who are really conscious about the transportation system and pedestrian facilities.
1.6 Methodology:
1.6.1 General: The intent of this chapter is to explain the procedure involving in the study. The methodology provides the framework for pedestrian facility evaluation.
1.6.2 Working Flow Chart:
Following steps are include in methodology:
• Area of study
• Problem