Peer Leading Essay

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Week 1 Entry: What Makes a Good Peer Leader?
A good Peer Leader would be someone that is responsible as well as punctual. In order for students to respect you as a peer leader you must show them adequate respect. Arriving on time shows them that as a peer leader you are not taking advantage of their time. Also being responsible means that you have completed as well as brought all the necessary tools to insure that that given peer leading session runs smoothly. A good Peer Leader must also be very understanding. I remember being back in Chemistry 1211 and I was very stressed about insuring that I could understand the information. As well as I was worried about making sure I made the grade that I would be pleased with. I believe that having a Peer Leader to tell me that there is a end to the long tunnel that is chemistry would have been very beneficial to me. Sometimes as a student you do not always need someone to tell you whether or not you have the right answer but someone that can be there to tell you tips to get through the course. When being a Peer Leader you also want to be very good at communicating. You need to be able to talk to your students in order to deliver adequate tips and techniques when they are facing a given objective in class. As well as you want to be good at communicating so that you can ask others about ideas to make your peer leading session run more smoothly. I believe that also a good Peer Leader is someone that listens. Sometimes you need to figure out what exactly what the student