People Are Inherently Good Essay

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The argument of whether or not people are inherent to anything has been a very controversial topic within the span of world history. In the case of questioning whether people are inherently good or bad; well, it would ultimately depend on what your morals and values are. However, comparing these values to today’s standards, it would be more accurate to say that people have the choice to be good or bad. These decisions can be determined by factors such as past experiences, influences and pursuit of happiness. Purposely, people are not born with a decided fate. It is what becomes of them, that decides on what fate they choose.

To put in context, John Locke’s philosophical beliefs were based on his perception during the Renaissance period. Yet, his social reasonings still play a huge influence on today’s society. Firstly, he mentions that people have the free will to choose who they confide in. To exemplify this, he implies that the power of free will could result in a revolution to overthrow a government and create a party that attributes to their own common belief. Locke imagined an original state of nature in which individuals rely upon their own strength. From this belief, it is inferable to say that humans have the right to choose their mindset. Additionally, Locke takes the examples of monarchy and the investment of labour.
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Likewise, it is equally important to recognize that beliefs are influenced by the morals and values you live by. However, the morals and values lived by are not the determiner of how someone pursues their life. To elaborate, the growth of someone’s mindset is only limited to what they believe it should be limited to. Hobbes believed that this growth was limited to the monarchy and structure, while Locke believed that people have the capability of judgement. Essentially, everyone has the right to choose what becomes of them, whether or not that should be good or