Essay on Performance Appraisals

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Performance appraisals are a hot subject in management and organizations these days. Organizations rely on employees to complete business tasks in a timely and competent manner because their reputation may depend on the performance of its employees. It’s essential that organizations develop a performance management system to assist in evaluating their employees. The performance management system is usually used for annual employee evaluations. The performance management system can be performed in various formats such as rating employees on a scale of 1 to 10 or giving a rating of excellent, good, average, or poor. Now, that I have discussed what performance management system is, it’s time that I elaborate on an example of this system. …show more content…
It must measure the entire issue, and not just a portion of it. It’s important to have a rating scale with anchors to explain what each dimension rating means. Employee input is an essential component of the employee appraisal. It’s imperative for supervisors and managers to include the employee in the process to guarantee that the employee feels a sense of engagement. Therefore, Burger King’s employee performance evaluation and measurement standards changed to address the completion of broaden goals. When evaluating an employee, critical mistakes are made when using a performance appraisal. According to the case study, two dimensions were lower than the other four dimensions. First, managers and supervisors need to understand that in order for a performance appraisal to be effective, everyone must understand the intended goals and objectives. Second, the performance information may be coming from the wrong person. The review form states that the manager will conduct the review. Well, the most common source of performance information is the team leader or supervisor that works with the employee. As I look at the different dimensions, I don’t think that all crew members have problems with execution and service. Sometimes, raters don’t consciously make errors, but they aren’t aware when they do make them. This could be an example of halo because some employees are better at some tasks and perform less well on other tasks. But to identify the source