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I attended a live performance Wednesday, October 23, 2012 at Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist church. At 6:30 p.m. there was a small come together night & the choir did a music performance. There were about 5 selections totaled.
2 specific selections I chose to critique are Melodies From Heaven & I'm Gonna Be Ready. Melodies From Heaven, by Kirk Fanklin, had moree of an upbeat tempo that ranged from allegro to andante. The tempo was steady & as the song continued, the choir began to cresceno. The chorus was captivating & the melody was on point. The emotion gave off this powerful desire & fulfill, & I saw/heard instruments such as the piano, drums, few used xylophones & tamborines while the instrumental also played, making it positive that other instruments were used in the song itself. In I'm Gonna Be Ready, by Yolanda Adams, the tempo was andante, adagio, & accelerano, with there being a fermata in the beginning & in certain parts throughout song. There was a certain emotion of love & pain along with a need of guidance. Though the choir hit these emotions & portrayed them, I feel as though they could have gotten more involved with it. I saw the use of the piano, faint sound of maracas, & drums. Both selections had a main instrument, that being the piano & the lyics were strong. The harmony of both selections were amazing. Though emotions were there & I could feel them, it should have been a little more omnipotent. I listened to this performance perceptually because I was