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Reply to Module 2 & 3
April 7th , 2013

Ramesh article critique described how effective Accounting Information Systems (AIS) is for organizational performance. In addition to his posting, Emeka-Nwokeji (2012) explained that not only AIS can help with concerned decision; it is also a way of success to meet set goals. The implementations of AIS within an organization are profitable and help increase the quality of employees’ performance. He continued accounting manager must exploit AIS for job achievement within their organization. Employment must be acquiring reliable, relevant and timely accounting information for decision making. Therefore, his hypothesis 1 is formulated as followed:
Hypothesis 1a:There are positive effects of reliable on performance.
Hypothesis 1b:There are positive effects of relevant on performance.
Hypothesis 1c:There are positive effects of timely on performance (Emeka-Nwokeji, 2012)
In addition to that, another researcher did a study on effectiveness of repositioning Accounting Information System via effective data quality management from two parameters. Pornpandejwittaya, (2012) indicated the following results:
1. Overall corporate performance: the study showed that quality of data in the Accounting Information System of the companies conforms to data quality dimension and this contributes to the improved performances.
2. Cost of operation: The study revealed that there is significant relationship between effective data quality management and cost reduction. Improvement in data quality results in reduction in