Performance Management Systems Report Essay

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System Report

Crust Gourmet Pty Ltd is a well-known Australian pizza company which was established in October 2001 by CEO Michael Logos and current Managing director Costa Anastasiadis.
It has a reputation of delivering healthy gourmet pizzas. Their main goal is to provide customers with the whole pizza experience while taking away the guilt factor and bringing back the enjoyment of eating takeaway food.
To simply put it, Crust mainly focuses on how they made their pizzas and making constant improvements in their recipes, making improvements such as switching to healthier alternatives, like olive oil and other healthier ingredients, has earned Crust a
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Through these expectations, team players are given trainings on all these factors.

Development of performance indicators, communicate expectations to staff
In Michael Tovey’s Managing Performance Improvement, he had defined performance indicators as,
Performance indicators are measures of different aspects, or parts, of the organisation’s performance. The total performance of an organisation is the sum of its different parts, and these parts must perform adequately to ensure that the organisation achieves its overall goals. Performance indicators play an important role in focusing all staff on what significant achievements needs to be accomplished in the current operating period or cycle of the organisation. Performance indicators specify the type of evidence the organisations requires to demonstrate that strategic and operational plans have achieved the desired results. [3]
In Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar Kingsgrove, some of its KPI are, * Customer Service * Product Wastage * Product differentiation * Sales Growth * Mistakes
In order for Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar Kingsgrove to meet the KPIs, managers have developed a training program for its staff members, through this training program, team members are taught on how to provide customers with great customer service, how to reduce mistakes and wastage, how to upsell on products, and how to make sure the same amounts of ingredients go on every pizza.
A copy of “Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar;