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Why I chose to take Performing Arts
As an individual I have always loved to dance right from the age of 6 when I first started my dancing lessons at Danceworx in Brentwood. As I have grown up my confidence has grown with singing and acting, I have not always been a big fan of singing but from doing GCSE Performing Arts I have definitely learnt how to grow in confidence in this aspect of Performing Arts.
I also went to a Drama school in Brentwood ‘Helen O Grady’; I started going here at the age of 7 and stopped just before joining secondary school. When I joined the Ursuline in Year 7 I found a part in myself which really did love to get up onto the stage and act. I found this talent by auditioning for the school musical ‘Annie’ and I managed to get the role of an orphan; I loved every second of it. Right through my school years I have been in many different productions including Hairspray, a number of Dance shows and of course my GCSE performing arts showcases. I was also lucky enough to perform in Twickenham Stadium with the famous singer Heather Small on ST George’s Day. I auditioned with 40 other people and I was one of 15 who got in. This really was a great way to show off my dance skills and I am so pleased I was chosen to do it.
For one of my GCSE options I chose to take Performing Arts and I am so glad I did. During the first year of the performing arts course I started off as a very low performer with not a lot of confidence. I did 4 performances during the first year and I really feel I managed to improve my acting skills greatly. One of these performances was a skill development assessment and I wanted to try and develop my acting skills. From my teacher and my classmate’s feedback I feel like I succeeded this challenge which I set myself. My last performance is the unit which let me down, I feel that I was put into the wrong group and didn’t have a great performance idea. So for my year 10 Performing Arts I came out with an overall B.
For the second year