Persecut Of Others Essay

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Persecuting of Others
Adolescent children these days are taking their own lives at an alarming rate because of words spoken to them by their peers. Young juveniles today do not realize that the words they speak have a tremendous negative effect on the lives of their victims. Most teenagers today are not taught morals. Juveniles are not taught how to treat others as they would want to be treated; otherwise, they might think twice before they speak. Bullying can consist of many attributes such as name calling, taunting, and simply having physical contact with their victims. Bullying causes suicides, high school drop outs, and emotional disorders among young adolescents.
Consequently, in the United States, research shows that half of all children are bullied at some time during their school years. Thousands of teenagers are terrified to attend school because they are the target for someone else’s humor. Bullying is not uncommon; in fact, many teenagers and adults suffer from this kind of behavior every day. This kind of conduct can occur to anyone at any age. Juveniles often bully other peers for many intentions such as having speech difficulties, race, religion, or their sexual orientation that often lead to suicide. Teenagers do not just bully directly but also indirectly such as social networking. Parents need to pay more attention to what their child is posting on these social networking sites. This kind of behavior can and should be stopped before any more young adults leave this walk of life before their time.
Furthermore, bullying can also cause these victims to drop out of high school and have anxiety problems for the rest of their lives. Some students do not want to tell their teachers due to the fear of the harassment may become more violent and intent because no one likes to be told on. If the student body will speak up and take a stand, there would be less bullying and violence. Students need to speak up and be the voice for the victims regardless of the consequences that might bring to them. The school system needs to be more observant as to what is going on with these young people. Every school needs to have a zero tolerance for bullying. If any students are caught bullying in any kind of way whether it be physical or physiological, immediate action needs to occur but often the school system fails to abide by the rules. It has been known that being bullied at school or online may cause one to snap and go on a shooting spree killing those that were victimizing them. Some victims may also decide to go to the extreme and join a cult or even run away from home. Victimizing targets may unexpectedly start terrorizing their