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In Salem, Massachusetts; innocent people were accused of taking part in witchcraft. Several residents were tried and executed. The same happened with Joseph McCarthy. McCarthy would accuse innocent people of being communists. Since that people’s life’s were changed and worsened. They became poor and many lost their jobs. The play is intended to convey that McCarthy, like the witch hunters, was persecuting innocent people and profiting from public hysteria.

After accusation
Examining Witnesses
In the Crucible when people were accused of involvement in witchcraft, they were sent to court for trial. Once on trial people were forced to confess not only their involvement, but of other residents as well. If you were to refuse against confession your fate was death, most likely being hung.
Like in The Crucible when people were considered communist they were right away put up to trial, with no question asked.

A group of 14 young girls are the ones that start the hysteria in Salem. The town goes through a tough time not getting along with each other. They used fear against the villagers to accomplish what they want. Innocent people are accused of witchcraft to get out of trouble themselves. Many of the people tortured and killed were not witches at all.

Joe McCarthy caused much hysteria during the 1950’s. He did so by communism. He would use fear to announce the United States was taken over by communism. Joe would black list famous people as