Anne Frank Research Paper

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“I don’t think of all the misery, but all the beauty that still remains” ( The quote means that you can’t always think about the bad things in life, you have to think about the positives. Look for the good in life and try turning all of the negatives into positives. Anne Frank was an important figure in American History because she had great optimism, and showed through her books that you will always need to have hope, and faith. She was a great leader for the kids that may have had many problems in their life. Anne showed them that no matter what may happen try to have hope and faith, and it will make things better.
Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany ( Her parents are Otto and Edith Frank
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Anne was a normal 13 year old girl who got a book for her birthday. Anne turned the book into a diary and started writing about her life when she and 7 other people went into hiding, when the Nazis were persecuting the Jews. Anne and her family were in hiding for 2 years, and all that time Anne wrote about what was going on. After 2 years Anne and her family were found, so they sent them to the Concentration Camps. Unfortunately, Anne didn’t get to bring her diary along with her. After the camp was liberated Otto Frank survived the camp. When he went back to Amsterdam he found Anne’s diary. In June 25, 1947, The Secret Annex was published ( Since then Anne Frank has been a very notable person. Anne accomplished many things at the start of her career.. She showed little kids that were struggling with a problem or anything that you should try to hope for the best. Anne also accomplished giving us a better understanding about what happened during that time period ( Although, Anne Frank had many problems such as, the Nazis persecuting the Jews. Also, Anne and her family had to go into hiding for 2