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How The Iranian Revolution Impacted Marjane Satrapi's Development Overtime
Simran Cheema – Block C

In the 2007 animated movie Persepolis, the story of Marjane Satrapi's childhood and adulthood life is told. One of the major events that not only takes place in her life, but also has a long lasting effect on Marjane's development, is the Iranian Revolution. This violent uprising causes Marjane to be sent away and become independent, to become rebellious, and, to seek a strong sense of security. Firstly, due to the harsh conditions of the revolution, Marjane's parents decide that it is best for Marjane's to be far away from her war struck hometown. Marjane is sent to Austria where she then forced to become independent due to the lifestyle change. Marjane demonstrates independence when she takes initiative and finds suitable accommodation for herself after she is no longer allowed to live with Zozo (a friend of her parents), who she was originally was organized to live with. This is an example of how Marjane becomes aware of her personal needs and becomes self sufficient because she no longer has any known relatives to provide for her, like she was used to in Iran. Next, from a young age, Marjane had been exposed to the rebellions during the overthrow of Iran's monarch at the time, the Shah. This triggered Marjane to think and act against the rules established by the government. This is shown when Marjane returns to Iran and finds it difficult to follow the strict rules directed to only women. As an act of rebellion, Marjane goes out wearing dark makeup, which was sternly prohibited. In spite of the fact that Marjane herself knew the consequences of wearing makeup in public, she still decided to do so. This displayed Marjane's natural impulse to oppose the rules which were set out by the government. Finally,…