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Choose a job that I would like to get within the next five years. And the details about how completion of the Diploma of Business will assist in getting the job.

The job which I would like to get in the next five years is to be a staff of banks, the reason is I am doing well in Finance, and also I am interested in Finance. Bank is an institute that relate to people’s daily life. From my own opinion, Diploma of Business provides much knowledge which is useful for people who intend to work in the bank or other job positions that concern business.
I learnt how to prioritize the tasks, to figure out which should I do firstly and which should I do secondly, in result to finish the tasks quality and efficiently.
Detail how completion of the Diploma of Business will assist in getting the job
In my own study, this subject gives me the knowledge for prioritize and professional development. It is more about a plan to complete all activities in sequence and give myself for improving in the future. Also a self reflection from previous study, although it is only a definition of text book, however it give me an idea in the future life when I enter to an organization. To manage risk is also a method of achieve goals, find out the current risks and the potential risks, solve them by confidence and efficiency. Set up current goals and future goals, not only personal goals, also the organization goals.

Find a Job Description for an advertised job vacancy that I like.

Job position
IT marketing staffs hiring for new Branches
The Federal Bank added 200 new branches to their network, and it plans to expand its employee base from 9300 to 10,000.
IT marketing staff: response the banks operation via the internet, either to figure out the IT problem or the reality problem.
To be successful in this role you will have:
The experience of IT department and the working experience in bank
Good communication skills via web, telephone, and face to face
The applicants must be a person who holds the permit either citizenship or permanent residency
The ability to solve potential problems
The knowledge of marketing and IT
Full time available for the job

Plans, goals and objectives
The Federal Bank, is the main bank of a country, the Federal Bank has the different mission compare to other Banks, the Federal Bank aim to control the macroeconomic of a country, example like money market/ cash market and exchange market. The Federal Bank has the position to solve a country’s economic problems, and balance the country’s development then to achieve their goals to protect other banks and public.
Like many banks, Federal Bank initially had a horizontal structure and all the employees were well-versed in all the aspects of banking. As a policy, the Bank aims to hire local talent who can understand the culture and traditions at each place as the Federal Bank believe that business can expanded only through understanding people at a micro level.
The Federal Bank wants the job seekers must understand the banking industry environment is changing and that has called for a shift to vertical structure. Technology and international banking are two big game changers, and hence hiring is also being done across verticals.

Based on the job description establish 4-5 personal goals, these must include goals that relate to your study and the completion of the Diploma of Business
Review and prepare study then obtain knowledge from text book is important over all goals.
There are four goals to be achieved unless it is hard to be a staff of bank
First goal is improvement of speaking and listening,
Second is communication skill,
Third is knowledge relate with banks,
Fourth is interpersonal relationship.
These short term goals achieve improvement of my business knowledge of completion of the Diploma of Business, then to have chance to obtain the job position in the future.