Personal Life and Life Essay

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On Dumpster Diving describes the lifestyle of living out of a dumpster. Lars demonstrates that anyone can achieve a fulfilling life without the being rich or having wealth. He finds almost everything he needs and sometimes more just from the refuse of others around him. Although he does not live a luxury lifestyle, he compares himself to the upper class or, the rich and wealthy. Because he has everything he needs, he no longer has the desire the need to obtain the material things in life. He stops basing his happiness on the success of his job, but instead on the success of finding a meaning to life and his faithful companion, Lizbeth; the one he loves. The author explains that dumpsters contain many things of value, but it does not make sense to acquire everything attractive you come across in life if you’re able to. The things that are not required should be left for the benefit of others who actually need it. He only collects things that are useful at any point and time, which forces him to use a collection of small objects like calculators, sunglasses or campaign buttons. He also collects things he may actually need, such as a warm bed found and drugs such as antibiotics that help cure his body. His way of life and living is having the mindset that money is not necessary to buy happiness or the things he needs to survive, which I myself believe is true also. Happiness is something you have to feel. Some of the happiest people I know struggle with social as well as