Descriptive Essay On Cowboys

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We all have one of those grandparents that we know we are able to get away with more stuff than the other one that can be more fun at times or more of a pushover. Although all my grandparents are special to me in their own way my papa also know as my hero can be best described as this type of grandparent. When I was younger and my mom would go to work and drop me off at my nanas and papas. My nana and papa would have to take care of me and ,at the very least this meant, watching cowboys all day with oreos and milk and maybe the privilege of getting to drink some coffee. My mom would never allow us to drink coffee and whenever I would go over there she always said “ remember NO drinking coffee, it going to stunt your growth”. Little did she know papa didn’t believe her “Myth” and felt that it was ok for me to drink coffee. Standing on the stepstool watching papa make the coffee as he put the strong smelling dark powder into what I considered a little paper party hat. My heart leaped with excitement, I wasn’t able to drink it much because mom didn’t allow me too, but when I had it I was so happy. If I hadn’t know any better I would think the coffee pot was raining black rain. I was so amazed by how the coffee changed colors from dark to light once the creamer was added. The first sip always left a sting to my tongue, but still tasted good. I never seemed to understand the cowboy shows that papa always watched. Filled with western cowboy fighting horses and other action packed adventures.The trials and tribulations of these seemed to the cowboys with their deep southern accents also kept papaa the edge of seat wondering what is going to happen