Personal Narrative: My Hero's Journey

Words: 496
Pages: 2

After the season which had brought heat had passed, he mighty Knight Greg had to go down to collect the serfs rent. His best friends said they wanted to tag along for fun, Fredrick who was tall and skinny like a giraffe, and Austin who was short and fat like a hippo. Before they could reach the land which the serfs called home they had to travel through the dark scary forest! Greg said he would lead them on their journey through the forest as he turned around he saw them playing rock paper scissors for who will be in the back. Greg told them to quit acting like girls and made them both be in the back while they both hold hands. An hour into their journey they came upon a table full of food. A table so nice that a King would sit at the head of it so gay and full of joy. Austin seen this wonderful table and couldn't resist running towards it screaming “I haven't eaten in three hours!” Before Greg could stop Austin a rope pulled him up in the air! Greg yelled “its a trap its a trap!” As he said this a whole pack of trolls started to attack. …show more content…
Neither Fredrick or Austin had ever seen such a mighty warrior before, his sword was as shiny as a afternoon in August. The trolls didn't have a chance from the start. When their leader saw how effortlessly the Knight was fighting off

his warriors, he yelled “ENOUGH, we cannot defeat a warrior like yourself!” Can we call a truths and become friends to end this senseless violence?

Greg being the man he is said “yes we can, only if we can feast on this beautiful table of food. My friends especially Austin haven't eaten for hours.” So Greg, Fredrick, Austin, and the trolls sat down and began to feast on the wonderful delicious food. Austin had never had food like this before there was rabbit, deer, elk, berries, and all kinds of food. Neither Greg or Fredrick had ever seen Austin so