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My Life a Year Ago
Everest University
Stacy Schwemley
January 25, 2014

My life a year ago was so different than it is at this moment. Life a year ago, was like I just was here, I had no meaning, no purpose, and was only needed by people when they wanted something from me.
It all started when I left my ex-boyfriend and things just started going downhill from there. Up until then I had been in school at another online school and was almost completely done with my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, I had a nice apartment, and a good job. Then it all just went away leaving me broke, losing my car, my apartment, my job, and I somehow ran out of funds for school so I was dropped from there as well.
Then it slowly started to change when I meet my best friend, he has showed me things about myself that I didn’t even know I could do. I have always been the type to try things but if I failed I gave up. Will Brian wouldn’t let me and still will not let me give up on myself, school or work. He has always had this saying for me when I start feeling down, or like I can’t do something like completing school. He always says “Never give up on what you can’t do today because tomorrow brings a new light and a new thought on how to succeed.” So now every time I start feeling like I can’t do something I thing of those words and how he would look at me when saying them to me with total belief in me. So now I am seeing things as he has always seen them…