Personal Reflection Paper

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Personal Reflection Paper

Chris Sanchez

January 5, 2011

Psychology 400

David Lagerson

Personal Reflection paper

Self and the concept of self is an interesting topic to many including, psychologist sociologist, philosophers and countless others trying to define the idea of self and what it means to each individual. Every individual has a different idea and thought about self and how self makes up their entire being. Self is made of the human’s own biology his or her cognitive process and perception of one self compared to others. This paper is going to look at the concept of self and how this relates to real-life situations affects a person’s self efficacy and esteem.
According to Myers (2010) the concept of social
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For example, a mother’s constant attempt to boost a child’s self-esteem by telling them that they are really smart could scare the child to not attempt a task due to the fact that if they failed he or she would not look so smart the next time. So one should focus on encouragement and self –efficacy “you can do it” not their self-esteem “ your special” when trying to encourage someone to complete a task.
A vivid real life situation that I remember and would like to share was while I was in high school freshman year playing football. There was roughly around 40 kids all were different and unique in their own way. Kids were from all different backgrounds and areas and would have never even met or gotten to know most of them if it wasn’t for football. We would practice day after day against each other, fight and scratch just to make the team. All would change on the bus ride 3.5 hours away to our first game we began to bond like friends confiding in each other to face a common opponent. We went ahead and won that game and returned that night more like brothers not just friends. I realized and understood that just because I don’t know someone they are not inferior or superior to me and we can learn a great deal from each other. As the season progressed so did my self-esteem. It increased greatly as I learned so