Essay on Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility

Everyone is different. But everyone needs to recognize personal responsibility and how it relates to them. Because everyone is so different, there are a lot of different perspectives on personal responsibility. I have my own responsibilities that are important to me and I use these to lead me toward my goals, whether short term or long term. There can be positive and negative reactions when you’re become personably responsible, but it will always be productive. Personal responsibility isn’t just needed in the day-to-day functions of waking up, hygiene, eating, sleeping, etc. It’s highly sought out in the workplace and is extremely effective and basically necessary for a successful college outcome.
If you are yearning to advance in a company then you must show that you can be personally responsible at the workplace. By completing all work-related tasks properly and on time, you can ease the work environment and relieve basic work-related stress. Although you might sometimes assume that your efforts are going unnoticed, you need to not let this effect your continual contribution. Just think about it this way, they aren’t bring up the fact that these task aren’t getting done properly or on time, or your workplace is a pigsty (clean place, clean mind). That’s sounds to me like you’re making a positive impact. By setting goals at work, whether long term or short, you will be personally responsible to complete the objectives in order to achieve that goal. Creating these goals will help to keep you motivated to get the task done, as your actions are responsible for the outcome. Reaching these goals can cause a positive reaction amongst the coworkers or management. But other than the goals that you want to set for future advancement, you need to be personally responsible in following the rules already set in place, such as getting to work on time or maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day. Just know that it’s not always best to shoot for the “bare minimum”, work goals should be set to where the bare minimum just isn’t enough. This is how you progress in a business.
But even more than just in the workplace, personal responsibility is a major key to a successful college experience. Your education is an investment that you decide invest in, you become personally responsible for the improvement in yourself. Only you can give yourself the grade you deserve. Your efforts and time management are important factors in a successful semester. If you slack in either of these, then your grades will reflect that.
When you exercise personal responsibility, you can expect one of two things. You will either produce a positive