Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility
Personal Responsibility is about being accountable for our actions, accepting the ramifications of those actions and realize that what does one do affects those around us. It begins when we recognize a problem or a need regardless if is our own, another person or perhaps the society. Some personal responsibilities may be taken care of independently, while others require the collaboration and agreement of others. It is the commitment of each and every individual that considers truly being a very good citizen of a community.
In addition, personal responsibility needs to monitor and evaluate one’s own actions, motivations and their results. It entails continuous reevaluation of what we think and why; contrasting that with anything new that we may have learned or discovered. Personal responsibility is the foundation of a wholesome, productive and valuable existence.
Personal responsibility involves courage and self-confidence, and is an obligation to do what is right; an action of caring or can also be as simple as cleaning up after yourself and as challenging as starting a community group to help reduce crime, or as uncomfortable as changing a part of oneself that we recognize is negative to you and/or others.
Personal responsibility is a determination we choose to live up to our own beliefs and expectations. Taking personal responsibility signifies that we have to overcome the concern of failure and commit to continue trying no matter what. Personal responsibility translates to us recognizing our mistakes; which means we will have to shift to the appropriate direction as soon as we understand that one have made an error. Mistakes can be fixed as well as attitudes can certainly be modified; allowing other people such leeway is part of personal responsibility.
True personal responsibility relies upon doing what