Personal Responsibility And College Success

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Topic: Personal responsibility

“Timmy and Tina are twins eight years old to be exact. One day Tina comes in her mom’s room crying uncontrollably. Her mom was nervous and asks “what’s wrong sweetie?” Tina yells, “Timmy hit me.” Mom Calls Timmy in the room and asks what happened. While listening to the excuses of why Timmy had to hit Tina, Mom realizes it was Tina who had started the entire ruckus. Mom Punished Tina sent her to her Room and Timmy was happy now. He avoided a scolding from Mom by passing blame to his sister. Score one for Timmy.” Tina did hit her brother first, but Timmy controlled his arm and did not have to hit Tina back. Personal Responsibility is taking ownership of his/her actions pertaining to everyday life. There is a relationship between personal responsibility and college success. They tend to be parallel in human nature consisting of the ability to have self discipline, making the right choices and a positive support group.

It’s hard to do the right things and yet so easy to do the wrong things. He needs to control himself and thoughts. Self discipline is training himself and able to control oneself. It may take time to improve himself, but with each step in the right direction is increasing your moral. While improving who you are, the inner self is getting stronger. Peer Pressure can cause majority of stress on a person. The good thing about peer pressure is that it’s usually seen in teenagers. Not to say it might not happen at 26 it might. Self Discipline and time management definitely goes hand in hand. You have to focus and be consistent to provide adequate time for other things you have in your plans. When you have a set plan and an itinerary you know exactly what actions are needed...

The choices you make today will affect you in your future. As a child you are supposed to learn responsibility early. Its how adolescents can learn to mature and do not begin the blame game so early. Negative choices are the choices quickly thought of, momentarily satisfaction, not beneficial all the time. Positive Choice are choices that benefit you in the future, enhance the person you are, and able to learn from those negative choices. When faced with choices all the time, it’s that person to decide whether he wants to take a negative outcome or a positive one. As college students it’s our choice to succeed or not. Students are given the necessary tools and resources to succeed. If we choose not to whom can we blame? No one, we are adults, and held accountable for our own decisions. The choices you make are the foundation of your college success.

Developing a Support groups begins at home. Timmy and Tina’s mom should have explained to them efficiently about personal responsibility. As children we are learning to take ownership of our own actions. Parents are the first to teach but not our only support system. Teachers and peers also maintain that responsibility to show and apply all healthy tactics when coming in contact with each other. Support System is important because it creates balance when a person does not know how to make ethical