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PERSONAL RESPOSIBILITY . A – Student’s responsibility Successful students know what the school anticipates from them. Students have a responsibility to respect and obey the school’s rule. They have the freedom to make decisions about their careers, and with this freedom come the need to be responsible not only toward their academic but also toward their graduation. It is the student’s obligation to take the education seriously, keep in mind that classes are large and that every instructor has a different way of teaching, the speed is faster, written work is more common, reading assignments are longer, and competition is more serious. Those who fail to attain a college degree have fewer career opportunities, earn less money and achieve lower financial stability than their peers who graduate from college. (Desjardins, Ahlburg and McCall 2002; Kane and Rouse, 1995).During the academic years students will be exposed to many challenges, a new environment, tougher workload, higher struggle, and in little time students will learn that handling stress is vital way to get through it. Students need to organize time and following a daily schedule that contains important timetables for classes, exams, meals, exercise, and social activities. . Self Training-Tactics Every student has plans or policies that match their daily routine. As student we have to come up with a strategy that meets our needs. We need to organize our time and set a goal to help us be successful. “Students need a realistic picture of the college study demands so that they can balance their adult career and family roles with their college agenda” (Fralick, 1993).We need to organize our time and set a goal to help us be successful. Students need to build a good relationships with their instructors by communicating with them either by using e-mails, phone or meeting them in person. They need to think positively, and keep their goals in mind. At home As students it is our responsibility to find the group study that meets your needs. Many students become members of study groups in college. Subjected to the number or the location of the study group, it can either help the student nurture or make the student miserable depending on timing throughout the college years. Each student develops his/her own specific study approaches, whereas yours may work outstandingly, maybe you can always discover ways to develop your knowledge, skills, and advance your awareness. Internal and external Rewards are an effective motivation. Rewards can also serve as countless acknowledgements—ways of congratulating, growing, and demonstrating appreciation. It is your motivation that makes you struggle for a better life, to not accept what you have but to want more. It is your motivation that gives you a reason to push yourself every day. Your motivation gives you a reason to do those things that you wouldn't otherwise do. It makes you successful, sets you apart from the rest. The bigger and stronger your motivation is, the more determined you will be. To increase motivation in school-related activities, the student may benefit from setting short-term goals for himself or herself (e.g. I will read over my notes before class today). It may be beneficial for him or her to reward himself or herself for achieving these goals (e.g. If I read my notes before