Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility
Brianna Rodriguez
Gen 200
November 26, 2012
Rhonda Herb

Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility may be looked at in many different ways; however it is vital to understand why it begins with us. To me, personal responsibility is making sure I take care of myself and those close to me. As a student, it requires me to be independent and take ownership of my actions. As a working adult, I need to be on time to work every time I am scheduled and properly manage my time while I am there. It is easy to make everyday decisions without thinking of the consequences that come with these decisions or thinking about how they affect others. By being responsible you are showing others that you are accountable and they can trust you as a mature adult. Taking ownership of your actions is very important, not only as a student but as an adult. At work I cannot blame someone else if my tasks are not complete; the same goes for me as a student. It is completely up to me to get myself prepared for the test or make sure all my work is done. I cannot rely on other people to do it. If it is not finished, then I have to own up to the fact that I did not complete it. I need to be responsible and get the tasks done that will allow me to achieve my ultimate goal of finishing the class. Being personally responsible not only has to do with consequences for myself, but I have to think about how it affects those around me. The choices I make may not affect me right away; however I should not rely on that as a way out. My choices may also affect someone close to me. The mature thing to do is to also consider how my decision would also affect someone close to me. I often need to remember this when making decisions at work that might affect the rest of my associates or at school if I decide something that could affect my team. School is also a part of my personal responsibility. It is a commitment to myself to make sure that I finish and in turn will be giving myself the opportunity for a better future. I need to make sure that I attend all classes and do the required assignments. It is stated in our textbook, “In higher education, teachers generally don’t take attendance. Yet you’ll find that attending class is essential to your success.” This could not be more accurate. When I first started school, I had a problem with actually attending. I knew that the school would not call my parents to let them know I had not attended, therefore I would not. I have now managed to set aside about two hours a day to go over school notes. I have also changed the way I study. My previous habits proved unsuccessful, therefore a change was necessary. Now as I read, I take notes; instead of writing them after reading a chapter. All of these things combined will help with my academic success. Time management is also an important part of personal responsibility and goes with both the work and school aspect. At work I have to