Persuasive Essay On Why School Should Start Later?

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High school students who start school earlier in the morning have a difficult focusing and staying awake in the class. This is not because those students don’t receive an appropriate amount of sleep, it is because they have a natural sleep clock that makes it difficult to fall asleep and wake up early. As a result, the school board is considering changing the start of the school day to a later time. However, there are implications that this could have on students such as handling after school responsibilities and students being able to receive an appropriate amount of sleep.

School days shouldn't start later due people are saying use teens need to have a natural sleep clock. I disagree and a lot of other people do to if school started later then we get dismissed from school later. The real issue is a lot of use teens just like to stay up late and not getting enough sleep at night. What’s the point of changing our school time. It’s no reason the school board should rethink this
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If you around my age you only need about 7 hours of sleep. If you can manage to get more sleep at night, then you should be set. Just because a couple of students can't wake up and be ready to start their day when told doesn't mean the whole school should just move up their start times. Plus if the student has after school activities, it would get in the way. Every high school should get out at 2 and start at 7:20 that’s just i how i feel . Then if you have brothers and sister who will get them off the bus if they talking about starting school later that will mean they will get off befor you .Then why start school late we need to be use to getting up early cause when we get older what if your job start early it’s best to get use to it now. Then if school start late you won’t have any time after school to do anything for