Persuasive Letter

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` Dear, Mom school planet 6/29/67

Hi mom i just landed on a school planet and it has lots of alien kids. And it is a weird looking place, and this alien came up to me and said goo-goo and i think that means hello come play with me. And then he said sew-sew and I think that means sea saw.And the teacher is a cow and i think this is a farm mix with school. And the the school was made out of cotton balls.Is that crazy.and then the the teacher name is ms.cow moo. And i said this the weirds planet i’ve ever been on.They all have paper and i wonder what paper is doing in space.I think they are making letters for Ms.Cow Moo. I think they are math math tests that they do not won’t do.And if you look at the sky it is green. And