Week One Response Philosophy: How Do We Know What We Know

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Week One Response Philosophy: How do we know what we know?
Karla Gurrola
Pierce College

Week One Response Philosophy Introduction How Do We Know What We Know
In a class discussion we explored a classic philosophical question: How do we know what we know? It is difficult to explain, and the process of articulating and organizing our thoughts on the spot takes practice. It led us to the value of Philosophy and how it provokes deep thought, and opens the mind to different viewpoints. A couple classmates were led to discuss our education and education system. As a couple students discussed the education system’s hand in our personal education I got the impression that they believed it was the school’s responsibility to give a valuable education. I disagree. Although, I do believe the education system should have higher overall standards and provide education, I think it should merely be a venue or resource. The motivation or aspiration to learn cannot be taught. There are opportunities to learn and education oneself everywhere, it is up to the individual to seek and take advantage of these opportunities. It is not until a spark is lite and we can personally relate a subject or matter to ourselves do we become interested and begin to explore. In elementary school we are given a variety of subjects and exploration in one single class, from there we begin to realize what we favor what attracts us and in relation what