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Joseph Dudum
Nov 13, 2014

This paper is focused in the development of the biblical Judaism and the Rabbinical Judaism. The to concepts of the development are quite different from each other, because one explains how the history of the bible developed and the second one basically how the
Development of the Rabbinical Judaism was really hard for the residents.

Development of the Biblical Judaism and Rabbinical Judaism

The biblical started on how the world was created; it was created through a powerful God, who divided the light from the dark and the ocean from the land. God created the world in six days and the rested the seventh day, after seeing that everything was created properly. The first creating appears in the first chapter of Genesis, in the bible. The first past of Genesis it was formulated for a priest to read in a church (Molloy,2013). The second part focused more in a human image, which are Adam and Eve. The sacred garden, which is called the Garden of Eden it was created by God full of exotic fruits, animals and nature (Molloy,2013).

In the bible it’s explained how Adam was the creation of God, similar to his appearance he was made in the image of God. After seeing Adam so lonely God decided to create a woman. So on, while Adam was sleeping, Eve was being created from one of his ribs. After living for a long time in the garden, God let them eat any fruit forbids them to eat from one tree. Eve ate from the forbidden tree and encouraged Adam to eat a fruit too, after they did that they were exiled from the garden because, God could not trust them anymore. Furthermore, they worked and suffered for the rest of their long lives (Molloy,2013).

All those stories are in the bible however; the bible was adapted by Israelites who might give new meanings, from the Hebrew bible. From the Bible several religions have been created nowadays. The biblical history is focused in Moses and the law, Moses live in an age where people believed in many gods, however, the God of the Hebrews was more powerful that the gods of the Egyptians. Moses was in charge of a migration that lasted approximately for forty years, however, when he returned he brought the Ten Commandments for the people to follow. He declared that the commandments where a way of living (Molloy,2013).

The development of the Rabbinical Judaism is quite different, everything started when the Roman Empire presumed direct political control over Israel. There was people who wanted foreigners to be expelled from the Jewish kingdom to be reestablished, however, the Roman Empire was much stronger (Molloy,2013). They destroy the second temple, which cause chaos with the Jewish faith because they were not allowed to do their sacrifices or rituals. They also obligated them to take the religion in other directions by focusing in the scripture and scriptural interpretation (Molloy,2013).