Essay Philosophy: Euthyphro and Gods

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Socrates society has four values which are virtue, justice, courage, and moderation. Virtue is what is seen as the right thing to do even if it is not the popular thing. Justice is making sure the innocent is not wrongly accused and that the guilty are rightly punished for the crime they committed. Euthyphro and Socrates are in king archon’s court which Euthyphro is bewildered that Socrates is there and they begin to have a discussion on what piety is and what makes something pious. Is something pious just if the Gods love it? Euthyphro tells Socrates he is being indicted by Meletus. Indicted is when one is accused of a crime I believe the crime he is being accused of is not doing the proper rituals to the Gods. Meletus has wrote the indictment saying that Socrates is making new gods and destroying the old when he is trying to broaden the younger generations views and ability to problem solve. Euthyphro is prosecuting his own father for the murder of one of the house slaves who his father killed out of drunken anger by bounding him together and leaving him in a ditch the bounds killed him. I believe it is right for him to prosecute his father because if his father had not bound the slave and left him in a ditch he would still be alive. It would be unjust for him to just pretend the slave did not die because he is just as much of a person as anyone else. The citizens said it was okay for Zeus to condemn his father but not okay for Euthyphro to prosecute his father. I believe this is wrong that the people think it is ok for the gods to do something but the humans not to. Then the question is why they look up to the gods if they can not do what they do because it is seen as wrong by society. Socrates says Euthyphro prosecuting his father is the pious thing to do but Socrates says isn’t there other pious options you can do. I believe Euthyphro is already doing the most pious option. gods decided what is pious some gods believe something’s are pious while others believe they are impious. Socrates wonders is something pious then because the gods love it or is it loved by