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My Philosophy of Education My philosophy of education is very simple: Creating a safe haven and planned inclusion of all students. In order to achieve this, the teacher should have a good comprehension of education, the teacher’s role, student’s responsibilities, parents and community roles and opportunities, and that knowledge is power. Because my belief that the goal of education is to give an opportunity to everyone, I strongly believe in public education. Every one of us is born into families and circumstances beyond our control. These circumstances in many societies and culture, determine our future. However, in modern free nations everyone is able to demonstrate their own definition of success, because public education provides opportunities for everyone to be successful. This is true especially in the United States; we trust that education will grant equal opportunities for success. Without a sturdy public education system, I believe that our society and its members would fail. With this enormous responsibility of public education, my role as a teacher is equally as big. As a teacher, I will be responsible while in my care, in many forms of my student’s lives and academic success, the moment my students enter my classroom, I need to make every attempt to make sure the students are safe, and included academically and socially. It does not matter if students are performing a grade level, above or below; it is my responsibility to find everyday opportunities for success. It is my responsibility to teach every student the state standards, and to plan my lessons in a way that will include every student. This includes students with special needs, students with learning or other disabilities and gifted students. This planned inclusion, lets my students feel safe and accepted in my classroom. Just how I will be taking on certain responsibilities, I will have expectations for my students as well. Every student must give effort everyday; effort to complete all school and homework, effort to be caring and nice, effort to follow classroom rules, and effort to respect others in the classroom and school. I know that my students will still be children and may not grasp the concept of making these efforts every day. Each day will be a new day with my students, so whatever happened before will be in the past, I will begin a fresh start with my students every day. Students will come to school under many circumstances, mainly formed by the parents and guardians. I understand that it can be challenging for some families to provide for their children. I would not want to add to this burden, but just how I would have expectations for my