Photography and Subject Essay

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Beginning Photography 1008 Chris Nail Fall 2014 Assignment #2

This is not only your second assignment for the semester, it will be among your last assignments as well. During the course of the semester you will be spending a significant amount of time with your images, probably more than you ever have before due to the nature of the analog darkroom. This extended time working closely with your images will hopefully change the way you relate to image making in terms of concept, dealing with subject matter and the creation of the final print. For this assignment you will be shooting at least four rolls of film, quite possibly more. With each roll you will be focusing on proper exposure, use of camera controls and focus, but you will be also working with the same subject. For the purposes of this assignment, lets define what will add up to a workable subject. Your subject must be repeatable throughout the semester. Leaves turning in fall wouldn’t work here, but a particular group of trees could. A building, a street corner, a stairwell or a particular patch of grass could all be examples of a subject that could work in this case. Your subject must be tangible. The subject of a photograph need not always be something physical, but in this case you will need a physical something with which to begin. Your subject needs to be present at any time.

You will need to be able to photograph your subject any time of day or night. Your subject