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Physical Therapy Physical therapists diagnose patients, help patients remove their pain, and increase their mobility. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, physical therapists diagnose patients by the way they stand and walk. Also, they perform exercise and use certain equipment to help relieve the patient’s pain. Physical therapists can treat anyone with any sort of condition. Whether it’s a minor condition such as a fracture or a dislocation or a serious condition such as a stroke or a traumatic injury, physical therapists are able to treat it. Most people think all physical therapists work in some sort of hospital, but this is not true. According to the American Physical Therapy Association website, more than eighty percent of physical therapists work in sub-acute facilities, outpatient centers, home health centers, and etc. Some physical therapists do work at hospitals, of course. There are several education requirements to become a physical therapist, as there is for most jobs. In high school, physical therapists should begin to take college preparatory classes such as biology, chemistry, physics, health, and mathematics. Classes to take to improve communication skills are psychology and sociology. Other helpful classes to consider taking are statistics and foreign languages (Physical Therapists). Physical therapists must graduate with a Master’s or Doctoral degree. Postgraduate school is a must for future physical therapists. Suggested classes to take are anatomy, humanities, and therapeutic procedures. Attending a Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) school is the best choice when wanting the best education (Physical Therapists). When looking online for good physical therapy schools, use school rankings as a guideline to pick the best school. It is another good idea to look at all the factors and not just a poll when deciding which college to go to (Top Physical Therapy Schools). The top three schools according to Physical therapy Schools Info website are, “University of Southern California, University of Pittsburgh, and Washington University in St. Louis.” Both the University of Southern California and Washington University have the same criteria, according to the Physical Therapy Pre-Reqs website. They both offer a CAPTE program that lasts three years after taking the first four years of college. There is also a 100 percent employment rate for graduated therapists. Also according to the Physical Therapy Pre-Reqs website, the University of Pittsburgh offers placements in every setting such as geriatrics, sports medicine, and etc. University of Pittsburgh offers a CAPTE program and almost all graduates from this school have passed the national exam. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, every state requires physical therapists to have a license. Physical therapists must pass the National Physical Therapy Examination. There are other requirements for therapists depending on the state (Licenses). Physical therapists, who are licensed, are required to take classes and go to workshops to keep their license (Other Requirements). The average wage of physical therapists in 2012 was $80, 889. The wage depends on the location in which a therapist works (Earnings and Advancement). It also depends on the location in which the therapist works (Salaries). According to the Coin Career library, salaries are higher in rural areas because of the shortage of therapists in those areas. According to the Coin Career Library, in 2010, there were about 199, 000 employed physical therapists