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3M Study Guide

1. Which of the following periodicity codes indicates a maintenance requirement that must be accomplished twice a year?
a. Semi-annual

2. How often are weekly schedules updated?
a. Daily

3. Who signs and dates the cycle PMS schedule?
a. Department Head or Designated PA

4. The acronym EGL stands for?
a. Equipment Guide List

5. Steps on an MRC will be completed in any order as long as all steps are completed?
a. False

6. Who completes organizational maintenance?
a. Originating work center

7. The acronym IEM stands for?
a. Inactive Equipment Maintenance

8. Who is the ship’s 3M system Manager?
a. 3M Coordinator

9. What are the two categories of IEM ?
a. IEM 1 – Equipment onboard IEM 2 – Equipment Off ship

10. What name is given to the work center PMS manual?
a. 43P-1 (43-“PAPA-ONE”)

11. What is a flip page used for?
a. Used to document non-accomplished PMS actions.

12. What is the 5100.19E?
a. Navy Occupational Safety and Health (NAVOSH) Program Manual for Forces Afloat

13. What is the 5100.23E?
a. Navy Occupational Safety and Health (NAVOSH) Program Manual for Forces Ashore

14. The maintenance man will update the weekly board after accomplishing maintenance?
a. False, Work Center Supervisor (WCS) does this.

15. What does the maintenance man sign when maintenance is complete?
a. Maintenance man signs the weekly report. (13 week)

16. If there is a discrepancy during maintenance, what does the maintenance man do?
a. He reports to the Work Center Supervisor (WCS).

17. What is used to verify a MIP to the LOEP?
a. MIP Syscom number

18. Who inventories laminated red tags daily?
a. Work Center Supervisor

19. What color is a caution tag?
a. Yellow

20. What color is a Danger tag?
a. Red

21. What is the difference between a Danger tag and a Caution tag?
a. A red tag means do not operate equipment, it may result in equipment damage or injuries to personnel. A yellow tag means operation may be permitted with supervision, or just read description on back before operating equipment.

22. Who is responsible for 3M onboard the ship?
a. CO (the manager is the XO)

23. What is considered“O” Level maintenance on the ship?

24. When do you need to change a SWFL (Ship’s Force Work List) item to a deferred maintenance action?
a. After 30 days

25. Which of the following periodicity codes indicates a situational requirement?
a. “R” Checks

26. While conducting a maintenance check you come to a step that you cannot complete, what do you do?
a. Notify your Work Center Supervisor

27. How many Force Revisions are installed per year?
a. 4 – 1 per quarter

28. What computer program is used to manage the 3M schedules?

29. Where would you find the information on the 3M Program for the current Force Revision (FR)?
a. 43P-1 (service Brief)

30. The acronym for SPMIG stands for?
a. Standard PMS Materials Identification Guide (SPMIG)

31. If something on your MRC card is incorrect (TYPO), such as the required maintenance person or man-hours, what will the Work Center Supervisor submit.
a. Feedback Report

32. What does a category B feedback report stand for?
a. Technical feedback

33. While preparing for maintenance, you notice that the multi-meter, AC/DC, SCAT 4245 listed on the MRC is not available. What action do you take?
a. Notify your Work Center Supervisor

34. Syscom Control Number 89 3EFF N. What do the first two numbers represent?
a. Month and Year

35. What is the CNO’s 3M Manual Instruction?
a. SORM 5110 (OPNAVINST 4790.8(series))

36. What is the Safety Manual instruction?
a. 5100.19(series) for afloat/5100.23(series) for ashore

37. Where will you find hazards associated with specific hazardous materials?
a. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

38. When verifying a MRC prior to conducting maintenance you…