Police Brutality Essay

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Crying Wolf: How Everything Is Police Brutality

When you were a child, you most likely have read the story “The boy who cried wolf”. What this story taught you was that it isn’t a joke to go run and tell people something happened when it didn’t because eventually people will stop listening. So why is it almost every time a police officer takes someone to the ground they cry “police brutality”? Police officers are here to maintain order, protect citizens and safe guard property. They should not have to worry about if a miniscule action they take is a career ending one, but on the opposing side their authority and power should have its limits and limitations. Police Brutality does happen from time to time, but not to the extent
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However every time an officer of different color strikes a suspect and it is consider racially driven, or that same officer fires his service weapon killing the suspect isn’t that a bit absurd? This rift exist because it is seen as a way for an accused to receive a lesser punishment if one at all for his crimes. When this so called racial act is voiced by the media and reaches a community dominantly populated by individuals of the same background as the suspect, it creates much soreness toward the police officer. In the case where police officer John Wilbur who is white was drug by three black males in a car, and after shooting two of them did it finally stop a local resident of the area stated “Wilbur deserved to get dragged up the street, and I wish his legs broke the hell off” (Roleff 42). This resident was of the same ethnic background as the suspects and because of Officer Wilbur is white; him shooting the suspects wasn’t because he was being drug up the street but because they were a different color than he. This idea of police brutality arising from the fact that the officer is of different color then the suspect is a warped way to see in and isn’t someone who thinks this being racist themselves toward the officer? Though you can catch everyone, most all individuals who are in the police force do not have this racial hate