Police Brutality

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Police Brutality is portrayed as described as the unjustified, life-threatening and forceful actions that law enforcement officers take that cause traumatic damage to the people who are victims of these incidents. The abuse may take on a physical or psychological form. Police brutality has a tremendous psychological effect on the victim. As a result, this leads to intense suffering on a continual basis. The psychological results of these occurrences on the lives of the victims are extensive and are something they take with them throughout the rest of their lives. As a result, this causes the victims to feel the consequences of this traumatic condition for a lifetime. The victims of this type of cruelty are not the only ones disturbed,
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The routine of using varied types of excessive force warrant the use of abuse instead of enacting proper procedures where lawful mediation is needed. Police brutality can be present in a number of situations and in many forms. The most apparent kind of police brutality is the category that takes place in the physical form, which can be violent and end tragically for the victim. In the physical form of police brutality, police officers can use a variety of tools to harm citizens. These harmful devices are nerve gas, batons, pepper spray, and guns. These things are used in order to physically threaten or even deliberately wounded civilians. Police brutality can also take on the appearance of false detentions, verbal exploitation, psychological terrorization, sexual exploitation, police dishonesty, racial profiling, political suppression and the action of punishing individual because of the color of their skin (Burris, 1999). “Police brutality has yielded a state of mass hysteria where citizens, specifically those who are African-American feel as if the law does not protect them. What begin as a typical stop by law enforcement turns into a tragic situation where innocent lives continue to be taken. The practices of these law enforcement offers are not only unjust, but contradict the law that is intended to keep order and ensure the safety of all …show more content…
Wooden expounds on the idea that comprehending the behavior of law enforcement plays a huge role in the perception of the involvement of police. Officers who attend the academy or an institution are likely to display a more orderly sense of behavior. As a result, they would have a more professional disposition and interacting with civilians. “The reality is that we do not live in a “post-racial era.” Race is very much a reality that factors into the ever present issue of law enforcement that intentionally aims at people that are African-American. This continues lead to many instances of events that are both demeaning and terrifying. The officers conduct intrusive detentions, interrogations, and searches without evidence of criminal activity and based on perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, or religion” (Kennedy, 1994). Police officers are trained to do what their job description demands them to do. A great percentage of police are trained to do things right. However, when released for duty, they deviate from the ascribed responsibilities and go against the core values. As a result of performing these outside actions, it places law enforcement at risk due to their act of negating proper procedures as demanded by