Police Officer Professionalism Analysis

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Summary of Police Officer Professionalism
Perry B Keaton

Cultural Diversity for the Criminal Justice Professional - 1M
Instructor: Peter Jirasek
April 2, 2016
Summary of Police Officer Professionalism-1

When we mention the word professionalism what exactly are we talking about? And why is this serious issue in the field of law enforcement. I will first give you the meaning of the word and then I will explain to you in a brief essay how important it is and how quickly it cause a person to act unprofessional just by making a wrong decision in his career.

One might say that professionalism is the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that are expected from a person who is trained to do a job well. Now in reference to that definition as a law enforcement official one my takes that statement with
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First thing to bring to light is being an officer of the law he should know the regulation and policy and condition of individual who has been drinking and trying to drive their vehicle afterwards.

The other issue involves the fellow officer at scene of the accident and how they handle the whole issue with their fellow officer, it disturb me that this officer was not given the standard breath test or was he place in handcuff to be arrested.

With this incident I think the officer should have call either a taxi or have someone to drive him to his destination of choice and but not allow to get behind the wheel of his automobile. Another mistake here of law official being unprofessional is how the other officer handles their fellow officer. No matter what they should have done their duty and place him in jail.

In conclusion: Professionalism plays a big part and how a person carries themselves on a daily basis and it is also looking upon by their fellow officer. It is an image that is valued by other decision of how they see