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Vancouver Police Department was started as one man army in 1886, now after 128 years

this organization is running on a big scale. It include 1700+ members and they are providing the services to van cover society to make it to make It the safest city in Canada. So basically it all started in 1886 when a night­watchman named John Stewart was offered to become the first police chief of the Vancouver Police Department. Vancouver Police Department raised speedily and became known for what they have achieved over the years. In 1912, Vancouver Police
Department became the first city in Canada – and third in the world ­ to hire a female officer which was given lots of appreciation and recognition. The Vancouver Police Department celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2011.
What is VPD today?

VPD has 1700+ members including 389 civilian employees and 1,327 sworn officers.

Jim Chu is the Chief Constable of the VPD. Moreover, the VPD have their mission statement that is, “The Vancouver Police Department is dedicated to being Canada’s leader in innovative policing, maintaining public safety, upholding the rule of law and preventing crime.” Moreover, they also have their vision statement, “To be the safest major city in Canada.” The VPD have three main principles that they follow, these are:
­ Justification (“Police actions shall be necessary, legitimate, and legally justifiable”)
­ Proportionality (“The risk and impact of police actions shall be proportional to the priority and the severity of the situation in need of intervention”)
­ Intrusiveness (“Police actions should be the least intrusive required to ensure public safety).” The VPD functions according to these principals. They have the four core values that are:
∙ Integrity(“We stand for truth and honesty in all circumstances”)
∙ Professionalism(“We will pursue the highest standards in policing”)
∙ Accountability(“We will maintain the highest ethical and legal standards”)
∙ Respect(“We will be compassionate and respectful in all of our actions”)
The VPD is following their mission and vision statement, Principals and core values to give a better and consistence service to Vancouver society.
Major Objectives

VPD have their underlying objectives that are following:

∙ Develop and maintain positive working relationships, including sharing information, within the VPD and with stakeholder agencies in the community
∙ Provide public educational outreach on policing and police related issues
∙ Provide socially responsible programs and initiatives that benefit youth
∙ Manage resources in an environmentally sustainable manner
∙ Encourage and support career development and succession planning for all staff
∙ Ensure that the VPD has the human resources and training needed to meet objectives ∙ Support and foster employee wellness
∙ Develop and implement initiatives that streamline administrative process
∙ Research, acquire and utilize the best technology and infrastructure to assist officers in the investigation and enforcement of crime.

By following all these objectives and providing given services, they are giving a feel of safest city to its citizens.
Compliments & Complaints
Crime Maps
Crime Statistics
Destruction of Fingerprints
Fingerprinting Service
Freedom of Information Requests
Police Records Check
Report a Crime
Request a Copy of a Police Report
Start a Block Watch
Victim Services
Volunteer Opportunities
Strategic planning (2012­2016)
● To reduce the property crime by 25%
● To reduce the violent crime by 12.5%
● To disrupt organized crime groups
● To combat low­level crimes and problems that impact perceptions of neighborhood safety ● To reduce motor vehicle collisions that result in injury or death by 12.5%
Challenges faced by VPD

∙ Not…