Pope and holy Roman Empire Essay

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Charlemagne Crowned Emperor of New Western Empire

In 800 A.D. Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of the New Western Empire by the pope as he knelt in prayer at Saint Peter’s in Basilica, Rome. This was the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire. Charlemagne, a defender of Christianity, presented many good deeds toward the Christian church by giving money and land. He also protected the popes. As an emperor, Charlemagne proved to be a successful diplomat, making his time as emperor significant for many reasons. He highly encouraged the Carolingian Renaissance a time of renewed emphasis on education and culture. This event was also important because he was a force behind the Carolingian miniscule, a form of writing later used for the modern European alphabet, and now used as the lower case letters we use today. The monastic schools Charlemagne developed would preserve a tradition of learning, which in turn made an important burst of medieval scholarship possible in what became known as the 12th-century Renaissance. Charlemagne also converted many from paganism to Christianity, and codified laws. He reorganized the monetary system, devising the system of pounds, shillings and pence used throughout Europe in the middle ages and in Britain until the 1970s.
 Overall, Charlemagne’s crowning is important because he had founded the Holy Roman Empire, Christianized many, urbanized land, promoted education, art, culture and inspired other rulers.

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During his rule, Charlemagne was associated